In 2014 Chateau Svetla nad Sazavou opened its doors to the general public for the first time in history and it is committed to become a cultural centre not only Svetla’s region but whole the Czech Republic. The chateau is a cultural monument registered by the Ministry of Culture. In 2013 the chateau changed owners.  Goal of new owners is to preserve cultural heritage for future generations.

Now it is possible to visit several exhibitions at the chateau:

1. The first museum tour presents the Exhibition of historical European glass (from the early Baroque period to the 19th century).  The exhibition is located in chateau’s interiors of eastern Baroque wing. In this exhibition visitors can learn something about the history of the chateau, the main aristocratic families that had the greatest influence on the development of crafts in the region (glass, stone, garnet) and left an important mark in the history.

2. Second museum tour provides visitors with a unique exhibition of historical clocks from the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague made in the period from early Baroque to the 19th century as well as collection of paintings and polychrome statues from the Baroque period which are lend from the Regional museum in Třebíč. The exhibition is located in the Renaissance and Empire wing of the chateau.

3. The third tour is Fairy tale circuit “On the Sazava river” is designed for children who learn in an interactive way with figures of 7 legends.

4. The fourth exhibition “The Kingdom of Dolls” introduces children and adults with collection of antique dolls and toys from private collections.

At the chateau you can visit café Ladurée which offers visitors fantastic selection of homemade cakes and other delicacies which you can enjoy with good coffee, hot chocolate and other drinks and refreshments in a pleasant interior cafes or in the courtyard by the fountain with the sounds of classical music.

The chateau is opened the first hotel rooms including wedding apartment overlooking the English park.

Visitors can freely visit the adjusted Chateau park area of 18 hectares. Park has a cascade of ponds, groomed trails, benches, gazebos, bridges etc.

In the following years the chateau gradually goes through extensive renovations but for the public does not close its doors. During the summer season the chateau grounds and the park hosts a variety of entertainment for children and adults (festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other fabulous events).