The history of the Chateau Světlá dates back to the Middle Ages, when Stephen of Sternberg had built on the left bank of the river Sazava Gothic fortress protected by moats (in 1393).

Since 1429 the estate belonged to the Svetla Trčka of Lipa, who rebuilt the fortress on the existing hunting lodge and already in the Renaissance style. Trčkové lived here until 1636, when their property was confiscated and fell to the royal chamber.

On the Světlá ´s manor lived a lot of next owners:

* Count Jan Bartoloměj from Vernier had built Early Baroque part of the chateau

* In 1722, the chateau became the property of the rebuilt Count Czernin,who continued in the next rebuilt the chateau in baroque style. The eastern wing was enriched with sculptural decoration, arcade on the first floor and the family coats of arms.

  *Another reconstruction was in the years 1774-1775, when Count Kolovrat Krakovský rebuilt the chateau. In the years 1809-1813 the chateau was turned into a military hospital during the wars of Napoleon.

* The new owner of the castle became in 1817 by Count Franz Josef Zichy, who closed the castle courtyard and perform construction work in the Empire style. Knight's Hall and other rooms on the first floor had to decorate stucco and frescoes. 

* In 1821 the castle passed into the ownership of the Salm-Reifferscheidt, which invited in 1869 to remodel his mansion Viennese architect Svatoš, whose task was to adjust the lock with respect to the original old architectural styles. In this time there was built local orangery and was rebuilt all chateau in neo-renaissance style.

* Since 1912 to 1939 the chateau was owned fabricator Morawetz, who fled with his family at the time of World War II to Canada.

* At the beginning of the 20th century, the castle settled Land bank. Soon after, the castle became the property of industrialist Richard Morawetz. However, he had to leave before the II.World war  to Canada. Since 1949 on the chateau settled Secondary Agricultural School, which remained there until 2011.

* Since 2013 the chateau is private property.