Fairy-tale tour "On the Sázava River"

Circuit for young and adult, which is full of legends and also features a true unadulterated hell. Exposure tour Sazava is intended for all those who are Svetelsko region want to learn something and have the cojones - part of the tour are also various ghosts, supernatural creatures and strange noises. For all that persevere to the end will be rewarded in the form of a great treasure.

You know, how was Stvoridla? They were on the Sazava sprites? Haunts in one of the palaces on Sazava river the White Lady? Do you know the legend of the treasure Chrenovice? Do you know who are the elves? Where you could meet sooner fiery man? With which famous Czech monarch is tied emergence Svetla nad Sazavou? If you do not know or just want to refresh your memory, come and our guide to everything you love to learn.