Café Ladurée

Café Ladurée is located in the renovated premises of the southern wing of the chateau, which promise visitors a quiet, undisturbed atmosphere. We cordially invite you to sit not only in good quality coffee, but also cakes, tarts, desserts, a wide selection of ice creams etc.

Our goal is to offer quality range in a pleasant chateau environment, where you are always happy with a smile to welcome and serve. Everything is ready so that you can sit in our café to enjoy the most. We sit inside a café or you can use outside sitting either in the chateau courtyard. We are ready even to small children, who can have fun in the playroom inside the café.

Menu is prepared so that each come into their own. In winter seasons you can come to warm up with hot drinks with fruit, flowering tea or hot chocolate thick. We also offer mulled wine, grog or toddy. In summer you can choose from a selection of cold drinks.

Team Café Ladurée is ready to pleasant moments of relaxation.